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All of these kittens are sold and have gone to their new homes!

SOLD! "Frodo" If you cannot tell, this younger litter was named by my boyfriend. Starting with this girl. This baby LOVES my boyfriend, originally against his will. Now she is the only kitten he will admit to liking. She constantly climbs up on the couch to snuggle with him while he plays video games. The red flame up her nose is enchanting. Her thick coat appears to have a silver looking undercoat. She is a ham!

SOLD Female Torbie "Frodo" Pictures taken at 3 weeks

SOLD! "Bilbo" How adorable is her red back toe on her left foot 😻She is dark with the red mixed in beautifully. Such a thick soft coat. Social and a sweet girl. 

SOLD Female Torbie "Bilbo" pictures taken at 3weeks

Sold! "Ewok" Everyone has fallen in love with everything about this little girl. Her color and coat are stunning. She has an amazing personality. Social. Affectionate. And such a sweet face.

Sold! pics at 6 weeks. Sam Wise. Our sweet Red boy. His coat is so soft, long, and full. I can't help but run my fingers through his hair and fluff him up. Such a beautiful red color. With white on his throat and belly.

Sold Red Male. "Sam Wise" Pictures taken at 3 weeks

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