Kitten Prices and Information

Pet price is $1500. Breeder/show quality prices upon request.  People on the waiting list have first choice of kitten desired. We go in order received! Deposit price to hold a kitten will be $400 non-refundable. Payments accepted through PayPal ( through friends and family), Venmo (@Archcat99), Walmart MoneyGram, or Western Union. Other forms of payment can be discussed.  We are a small family based cattery with only a few litters per year. We will drive to surrounding states or meet you halfway. The cost for delivery by car is $.55/mile round trip. We will fly to meet you in Chicago, St. Louis, or Minneapolis Airport for $250. Other flights would depend on airline costs at that time, the fee to carry on a pet, and cost of our vet health certificate. 

Kittens will be sold under contract, all vaccinations up to date, pedigree and registered with TICA. Registration papers will be sent to buyer once proof of spay/neuter received.

Home Visits

Many have asked about visiting our cats and kittens and doing possible allergy testing.  In this day and age, inviting people into your home can be very dangerous and stressful for our animals as well as putting our home and family in possible danger.  We have been very careful to keep our families safe from the threat of Covid-19, plus, there are many animal activists and anit-breeding people out there as well as the people that just want to look for things or animals to steal or want to harm myself or my family members.  We do not want to risk letting a person like that into our home.  Our "Cattery" is just that - Our personal home!  Our home where we live with our family and children. Having a stranger into our homes is very stressful on our daily lives. It is upsetting to our animals and can (AND HAS IN THE PAST) very easily bring unwanted diseases to young kittens. We have full-time jobs and school activities and many things going on with our families just as you do. Trying to set up a time for visitations is very difficult.  If people want to do allergy testing I can meet someone with an adult cat. I have other animals in my home, which may cause false testing. 

We do make sure that there are many many pictures and videos of the kittens posted often, many times on a daily basis. 

Instagram: siberiansarchibaldcattery


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Website updated FEBRUARY 14, 2021

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