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Our beautiful girl, Spot. Big furry purr baby is SOLD!
Mini is now sold and in a loving home.

SOLD! This girl has such beautiful dark markings on her shoulder blades that I love! I have called her "Spot" from day one due to her dark markings. Another sweet, playful girl

SOLD! This sweet girl sitting in the chest is her Mommy's Mini-me. She looks and acts just like her Mommy. Chirps at the feathers while we try to capture her attention. And if you set the feathers down she will grab them and take off. Mini hunts and eats flies. Goes nuts for a lazer pointer. And then curls up in your laps and wants attention, giving you tons of purr therapy. 

SOLD! If you are looking for a sweet, lover kitty...This is your girl. She purrs and purrs. Sleeps with me. Follows me around the house trying to get me to hold her and love on her. ❤️ I call her Nigma. She has a question mark on her side in her striping. She is the perfect mix of playful and snuggles. Reserve her before I decide I cannot part with her! ;-P

SOLD! This hefty boy is very solid. He is a spitting image of his Daddy, Aivan. He is going to be a big boy. We call him Golden Boy. He is the perfect mix of laid back, and playful. He decided our background was a climbing wall, and a hammock. Multipurpose.

SOLD!  Waldo here apparently did not want to take pictures alone! 😂 I did not realize this social butterfly was so sneaky while we were taking pictures. He has always been stealthy, earning him his "Where's Waldo" name. He is a blue golden blotched tabby. These pictures do his color no justice! He is a loving, laid back boy.

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