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The Siberian breed is a medium to large cat that is very loving, playful and gentle.


A Little About our Cattery

Archibald Siberians, located in Southeast Iowa, has been breeding since 1999.  All of our babies are in home and part of the family. Raised with love, attention, Great Danes, kids, and a ferret. All of our cats and kittens have 5+ generations of Siberian pedigree.

Siberians are known for working well in a home with allergies present. While no animal is allergen free, we often have friends and family over with severe cat allergies and they are able to snuggle with our kitties with no issue. Each person is different as is each cat.. Siberians are proven to contain a low amount of FEL-D1 and FEL-D5 protein in their saliva and urine.

These loving kitties are also known for their Dog-like personalities. Our cat ZaZa, for example, has been known to play fetch, chase her tail, loves belly rubs, meets you at the door, and will meow back when spoken to. She is a very vocal girl that lets you know she is happy that you are home. 

Of the cats that we have right now, we could not have chosen any with better personalities. Each kitty has their own unique personality, are affectionate and playful. 

Kittens will be sold under contract, all vaccinations up to date, have a pedigree, and litter registered with TICA.

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